Chartering a New Chapter

Step 1: Select an Advisor. The Advisor must be a full time faculty/staff member.
Step 2: Obtain a list of students at your institution who meet the criteria for membership.
Step 3: Invite these students to an interest meeting.
Step 4: Complete the Petition for Charter form.

  • At least 20 students who meet the membership criteria must sign the petition to charter.
  • Submit these forms to the National Office with the appropriate documentation including the $300.00 charter fee.

Step 5: The Chapter then:

  • Orients the new Advisor
  • Selects officers
  • Plans the induction ceremony
  • Maintains record of invited/inducted individuals

Download the Petition for Charter Form with instructions on completing the form and submitting.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Office  on the Contact Us page.